Maybe They’re Born with it. Maybe it’s the Entrepreneurial Mindset

We all know kids have active minds and the most creative imaginations. Of course kids can have some grand ideas for what they want to do, but by simplifying and teaching them the right skills you can show them that working hard can truly bring their ideas to life! Encouraging them to grow their skills helps them learn how to apply their skills in the real world when the time comes. Not only are you showing your kids that you believe in their ideas, but you are also teaching them the valuable skills of money management. In sitting down with your children and helping them see that their idea can come to life with the right mindset and planning you are showing them that the ”anything is possible” cliche is actually true. 

Teaching the Skills and Mindset 

Teaching entrepreneurial skills from a young age familiarizes children with the skills and mentality that are sought after as they enter the labor force. Even teaching your children simple things like taking initiative will grow with them as values they will hold onto and will help them as they learn to become independent. Introducing your kids to the entrepreneurial mindset teaches them making mistakes is part of success” and allows for them to feel comfortable making mistakes which they can learn from.  By showing your kids that trial and error is normal you are teaching them that taking initiative and leadership is necessary. Show them that failure is not the be all and end all, and they should learn from their mistakes. By encouraging entrepreneurial skills you are also showing kids skills that could be applied academically and preparing them for a ’dynamic career.’ Helping your kids start up their own small business whether it be a lemonade stand or a bake sale can teach the beginnings of skills like ”sales, pitching, marketing, product creation, accounting, customer service, deal-making, negotiation and leadership” all of which we see in countless careers today. 

Don’t Let Their Dreams Just be Dreams

Experience is the best teacher and the best way kids can truly test out their abilities and learn. Encourage your kids to start their own service business or sell a product to show the circulation of money and that investing and putting money into their business is just as important as earning. You’ll be teaching your kids how to manage money themselves and the value of their own hard earned dollar. By making them do the majority of the work you are equating hard work to their earnings and “it makes [them] value money more.” Additionally,  parents  involved in mentoring their kids are giving them a good  role model to look up to. By giving them a mentor and guiding them we are able to teach them what entrepreneurship looks like and it shows kids that what they aspire to achieve is within reach!

Confidence Boost… Yes Please!

Learning entrepreneurial skills can help kids gain problem solving skills and even help build confidence in their abilities. By showing your kid that they can bring their ideas to life with their skills you are showing them what they are capable of when they put in the hard work. Having their work displayed and praised can give your child a boost by showing exactly what they were able to build using their own abilities and creativity. Even just being there to help them could make your kid feel more comfortable in their choices allowing them to believe in themselves because of your support and approval. Giving your kid the support they need gives them a boost in their confidence to believe in themselves and get excited about their ideas! Regardless of what your child does with the lessons they learn, the most important thing is to show them that you are supportive of them making their dreams into a reality.

It’s Never Too Early To Start

By teaching your kids the important lessons that come with an entrepreneurial attitude you are preparing them to go out in the future and chase their dreams. And just as we always say it’s never too late to start, we also know that the entrepreneurial spirit is there at any age; it’s only a matter of when we choose to pursue it.