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Some people struggle to find their calling. Others find it. And some find it, but have it taken from them. This was the case for Two-Time Olympic Runner Shevon Nieto. A passionate athlete, Shevon ran the 400-meter hurdle for the Jamaica team in Athens and Beijing. Her then- boyfriend-now-husband, Jamie Nieto was also an olympic high jumper. Unfortunately, due to an accident where his foot slipped during a jump, Jamie was left paralyzed from the waist down.

“Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.”

The accident did little to deter their romance. The couple soon married, and in an effort of supreme selflessness, Shevon retired from her olympic career. Instead, she found a new passion in music. She began writing songs to honor her life and husband. The music touched Jamie and helped him brave through his obstacles. This Season 15 of America’s Got Talent, Shevon bore her heart out to the judges with her original song: Through The Good and the Bad. The tear-jerking performance warmed the hearts of the judges, who gave her 4 yeses, passing her through to the next round.

“Through The Good and The Bad.”

Even though Shevon isn’t your stereotypical entrepreneur, her entrepreneurial spirit shines through. There are so many great lessons to take from her journey. The first lesson is this: There is always room to transition to a second career. Shevon was at the top of her game as an olympian, but she still managed to carve out an entirely new niche for herself as a singer-songwriter. Likewise, Jamie has also found his second start in acting, landing a role on Netflix’s upcoming Sci-Fi show, “Away”. This just furthers that it’s never too late to start, and it’s certainly never too late to start again!

Another key takeaway is that a support system can work miracles on one’s career. As Jamie himself says about his wife, “she’s the woman from the story books.” Their bond has allowed them to brace their hardships and continue on, both personally and professionally. These partnerships should never be overlooked in the entrepreneurial journey. No business is without difficulty, and having a relationship, be it romantic, family, or friends, will undoubtedly make the road easier. Psychological health does wonders in a business. Check out more of our articles regarding mindfulness here: ,

We’re so grateful to have people like Shevon Nieto, who, during these unprecedented times, shines a beautiful light of inspiration and hope to us. As we all recant the tried and true saying: never give up on your dreams, stop to realize that dreams are plural. You can always transition into your next success. It’s never too late to start!