The humid office climate stings your throat. The harsh blue lights of the computer screen before you make your headache sear even more. The stiff chair reminds you of how desperately you should see a chiropractor. All of this stress at work, and to combine it with the actual work you need to do can seem insurmountable.

But what if I told you all you had to do to reprioritize, reorganize, and revitalize your mind and spirit was breathe?

A deep breath can have immediate results on your stress-levels. By taking a long and powerful inhale and exhale, we are signaling our mind to relax and focus. Plus, with decades of research, mindfulness experts like Sandy Abrams have honed in breathing techniques to make that breath more relaxing than ever.Hold up. Isn’t this a Catch 22? You’re stressed because your time for relaxation is limited, but you need time to learn proper breathing techniques. How does that make sense? Thankfully, Sandy Abrams, who has decades of experience in health and well-being, is bringing her revolutionary techniques to you, all through the convenience of  her 5 star rated book: BREATHE TO SUCCEED.

Sandy Abram’s BREATHE TO SUCCEED, now available for sale here.

Mindfulness is the Antidote to Our Busy Lives

I know what you’re thinking, your problems are too complicated for something as simple as breathing to help. You’ll be surprised though how something as common as breathing can be so revolutionary. According to Medical News Today, “25 minutes of mindfulness have been shown to improve brain function and boost energy levels, for example.” Don’t worry if even 25 minutes seems too long; in Sandy’s books are exercises than you can do just 25 seconds!No matter who you are, what you’re dealing with, and how much free time you have, it’s never too late to start reprogramming your brain to effectively manage stress through breathing! As Oprah Winfrey herself says, “the only way to survive this [crazy world] is with mindfulness.” Click here to check out Sandy’s book, and read our blog post on nutritionist Denise Kelly for even more well-being tips!

Sandy Abram’s meeting Oprah Winfrey, long-time mindfulness advocate

I had the pleasure of seeing Sandy Abrams speak live and share some of her breathing exercises. Not only was I amazed by the variety and conveniences of the exercises, but it was great to see how tailored her meditations were. For each type of stress is a different type of breath. Even better, there are multiple breaths for the different stresses, so if you find a particular exercise not working for you, simply try another. No matter who you are, what profession you’re in, and what stress you’re facing (because let’s be honest, we all are stressed in one way or another), Sandy Abrams has a breath for you!