As a massive fan of America’s Got Talent, it’s hard to be surprised anymore. Every act seems to be a different take on a previous season’s performance. But I was truly shocked at Josefina Monasterio’s appearance, a 73 year old bodybuilder whose buffness rivals that of Terry Crews!


Josefina came from humble beginnings growing up in the poverty stricken village of Punta de Manta, Venezuela. Despite her financial obstacles, she never let her spirit dwindle, dreaming of a life that she calls “bigger and better.” Little did she know she would be quite literally bigger and better. But, not only is Josefina’s body large and powerful, her personality is too. In her book, “Vibrant At Any Age”, Josefina shares her secrets not just on body building, but on how to build your optimism and feel both healthy and happy regardless of how many birthdays you’ve had. As she says: “Chronological age has nothing to do with biological age.”

Josefina Monasterio, la fisicoculturista de 71 años que lucha ...


That’s right, in addition to being a decorated body-building champion, Josefina is a lifestyle changes and personal development educator, rejuvenation expert, published author, and TV host. She’s appeared on The Steve Harvey Show, POPSUGAR Fitness, INSIDER fitness, Positive News Network, Vocativ,, and the list goes on. She sells her secret for success through her books as well as live-coaching retreats she hosts yearly that focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

Vibrant at Any Age: A guide to renew your life and become vigorous ...


We always hear people evaluate their or other’s accomplishments with the lens of “in spite of…” In spite of this I did that… Josefina flips that mentality on its head, transforming in spite of to because of. Because of poverty, Josefina learned to always be dreaming for a better life. Because of her age, Josefina channeled empowerment to take on her obstacles head on. Her simple lessons of tried and trued methodologies are made vibrant by her own inspiration: believe in yourself, and anything is possible!



Josefina is living proof that age is not an obstacle, but a benefactor. She stands among many greats that we’ve featured on our platform, such as Susan Boyle and Dorian Hunter, as well as our many renowned speakers and panelists at our signature Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference. Stop looking at others though and look in the mirror! What are your dreams? How can you reframe your obstacles into empowerment? These are big questions to ask, but always remember: you’re not alone! If you’re struggling to start your business and/or transition into your second career, reach out to us for personalized assistance and to be part of our Never Too Late To Start platform!