While WHAM may have given away their heart last Christmas, what do we get for our loved ones this year? Entrepreneurs in particular are tricky to gift give. They’re often strapped for time and cash. You want to give them something meaningful and relevant to their life, but their life can naturally seem consumed by their business. Fret not though! Ol’ Saint Nicholas has given us the secret gift list for entrepreneurs in 2020 with gifts that are both meaningful and practical for the business owner in your life! Plus, with remote work on the rise, this gift guide is great for those transitioning into their new lives, regardless of whether they have a company or not!


1. This 1080p HD web camera is available on Amazon for only $34.99!

If there’s anything an entrepreneur can expect it is a lot of meetings. From Zoom calls to potential buyers, strategic partnerships, or just the general mental health check in, it is important to have a reliable web camera. Not only does this web camera shoot in 1920 x 1080 progressive, but its 8m omnidirectional microphone with built in noise reduction, and manual focus make it an excellent gift for all budgets! Grab yours here:

2. A near-magical notebook that can erase with a swipe of a cloth, currently 15% off, for $37.14!

As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Rocket Book is a smart reusable notebook that combines the science of friction, a specially-coated paper, and some water to allow it to erase with a simple wipe of a moist microfiber cloth (included). I personally have this notebook, and I find it incredibly convenient to have one notebook for all my journaling needs, without worrying about running out of room. You can also scan the QR code on each page and send the notes straight to cloud storage. Any entrepreneur would benefit from a convenient way to keep notes and reminders on the go. Plus, this special bundle includes 2 microfiber cloths, 2 pilot friction pens, an executive sized rocket book, and a mini pad!

3. Give them a pick-me-up with this $30.00 elegantly designed travel tumbler from FELLOW.

What do entrepreneurs lack? Sleep. Can you buy sleep? No, maybe that’ll be my next business idea, but until then, it’s a firm no. But you can encourage excessive coffee drinking with this sleek travel mug from FELLOW! Designed with the intention to bring balance to both quality in taste, and portability in mind, the FELLOW Carter mug comes in over 8 colors, and is available in both a 12 oz ($30) and 16 oz ($35) size. As someone who has owned numerous travel tumblers — I cannot stand the residual after taste left by the material of the bottle that bleeds into my beverage. But the Carter mug solves this with a ceramic coating, plus the wide-mouthed lid will ensure both your sense of taste and smell will be pleasantly surprised. Order yours here!


1. Give the gift of knowledge… and celebrities with this annual subscription to Master Class for $180.

Before, if I could summon Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Blakely, Bob Iger, and more icons at a snap of my fingers, I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog! But fortunately, thanks to Masterclass, for just $180 you can get access to beautifully cinematic lectures by the most iconic experts in the field. Any entrepreneur would thrive from the wealth of content they can study from and apply to their business. Plus, up to November 30th, buy one pass, and get one free! Make sure to snag this deal quickly here.

2. Power them up with this insanely fast portable charger & wall plug for $69.99 from Anker

Many entrepreneurs work well into the night time, travel often, and are constantly on their devices. Keep their electronics up as long as them, with this portable charger combo from Anker, available on Amazon. Compact and sleek, this charger offers universal compatibility with both a USB-C port and a lightning port to charge both Apple and Samsung devices. It can hold close to 5 full charges of charge for a modern-day phone, and nearly 3 charges for a tablet. The included 18W wall charger ensures your entrepreneur will have everything they need to start powering their devices right out of the box. Gets yours today.

3. Who said cooking had to be time-intensive and difficult? Save them time, money, and keep them healthy with this Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combo for $169.00!

Who doesn’t like food? Unfortunately, not many entrepreneurs have the time to eat, and some may not even be able to afford quality food. Billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban himself often reflects on living off of Mac & Cheese since he simply did not have the time or money. With this Ninja Foodi, cooking is as easy as throwing meat in the pot (no thawing necessary), setting the appropriate settings, and voila! Have delicious meats, stews, pastas, and more cooked to perfection. Even if it’s ‘cheap’ food, it’ll taste delicious coming out of this appliance, and will be made more quickly as well as healthier thanks to the air frying technology. Available at most major retailers including Best Buy here!

Just Being Supportive is Invaluable

As the saying goes, it’s not the price tag, it’s the thought that counts. Maybe you can’t afford something extravagant for your entrepreneurial loved one at this point. That’s okay! Times are tough now especially. Just being supportive of their business, offering to help them (including through pro bono trade services) can make a world of difference. Starting a business and putting your entire livelihood on the line is terrifying! If you can do anything for them this holiday season, it makes them feel like they’re not alone. Good luck with your shopping –  it’s never too late to get them a gift!