Some of the brightest adults in the world are turning to each other asking the same question: how can I help? But it’s not just adults that can contribute to the effort against Coronavirus, kids have a role to play too! Take 6-year old Calliope and 9-year old Taran Tien for example, two exemplary siblings who showed that compassion isn’t just ‘grown-up business’. Once Taran and Calliope learned that their 78-year old neighbor was self-isolating in her home, they put on their best clothes, grabbed their cellos, and serenaded her on her front porch.

Scham was delighted! “I haven’t been out of the house for five days, and I won’t be out anytime soon,” She said to the Columbus Dispatch. “This was a delightful break for us. I love all the kids and I love music. It was such a real gift.” 

Thankfully, you can get a glimpse of their recital on Twitter here:

Remember, during these difficult times that it’s never too late to unplug from the frightening media, and tune into something more cheerful. While it’s imperative to stay informed, it’s equally as important to manage your mental health. Keeping your optimism goes a long way for yourself and others. Thank you Calliope and Taran for reminding us all of that!