Self-care has been our latest focus, and that’s not without reason. In order to keep your business moving, you have to keep yourself moving. The best way to do this is to make sure your mind and body are in good shape and staying active; a healthy life ultimately leads to a healthy business. How do you do this when you’re a busy entrepreneur? The best way is to pick up some of these fun activities to keep you and your business moving.

1. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise for the mind and body. Not only is daily stretching and moving good for you, but taking the time to clear your mind and recenter yourself can lead to your best business ideas! Aside from the obvious health benefits of putting some time aside to keep your body in motion, yoga can help entrepreneurs struggling with anxiety and depression. Yoga is like any other de-stresser in keeping you away from being overwhelmed and even burned out. That’s not all it can do for you; studies show that by taking time to de-stress you are actually giving yourself a higher tolerance to both stress and pain. Taking even 10 minutes a day to ensure you are not overwhelmed can do wonders for keeping you focused and level-headed in the future. Read more about the benefits of yoga here.

2. Chess

Chess may seem like an ancient pastime, but the game is still very popular around the world and even more popular among the business and tech-savvy. Coincidence? Absolutely not! Chess is proven to improve and garner one’s fluid intelligence. It’s a game that is incredibly mentally stimulating, and fun! (It is still a game of course). Fluid intelligence is the reasoning ability we have that allows us to generate and manipulate information that we receive. In chess, this means predicting obstacles and creating solutions for them before they even arise. Playing chess forces you to adopt your opponent’s point of view in order to decide on your own winning move. Much like in the world of business, success in the game can be attributed to the ability to predict your opponents’ moves and plan accordingly.

3. Art

Art isn’t for everyone, just like math isn’t for everyone, but as an entrepreneur building a business from the ground up it’s important to make sure you understand all aspects of your business. That includes the artistic side of your business as much as the financial side. Because art is a more subjective task, it is often overlooked, but don’t be fooled! Art in your business includes your branding, your logo, and how the rest of the world will see your business. Moreover, just like chess and yoga, art is a wonderful way to practice taking time for yourself and letting your creative juices flow. Finally, creativity doesn’t just reflect in your artistry, but in your problem solving as well! Getting into a creative mindset will translate into your daily tasks as an entrepreneur. Harness this creativity towards your business to find creative solutions, and new ways to innovate. Ultimately these are the things that will push you towards success!

As an entrepreneur your days are probably jam-packed with things to do, and basic needs take precedence over things that seem unessential such as mental health and exercise. Don’t fall prey to this fallacy. Ensure that your business runs smoothly by ensuring you are running smoothly! Keep your mind and body clear. Even if you can’t add all three to your schedule, adding just one of these to your weekly schedule can do wonders for you and your business in the long run.