What does Its Never Too Late to Start Mean, Really?

Many think the mantra “it’s never too late to start” is a one and done process. In other words, once you’ve already started your business, there’s no longer a need to live by the motto. But our value goes far beyond that. We don’t simply want you to start your business, we want you to constantly improve and expand your company. It’s never too late to start is about every phase of your company’s journey.

Sharing in our passion is expert nutritionist, wellness coach, and author, Denise Kelly. Denise sent us her business pitch through our 30 Second Pitch mobile app, and she is a long time supporter of our Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference! At WEC 2018, we were pleased to have her as a panelist, and she was also a featured speaker at another of our networking events. At her core, Denise practices a simple yet powerful mentality: Life is for thriving. Not just surviving.Of course, Denise affirms that it’s never too late to start living a thriving life; no matter what stage you’re at, you can improve and become the best version of yourself. Similarly, you can always build upon your business. This is why, despite all of Denise’s current success, being a successful entrepreneur, wellness coach, motivational speaker,  regular columnist, and more, she continues to push boundaries, releasing her book “The Art of Healthy Living” this September 2019 as well as focusing her brand in the US as she promotes her “7 Day Challenge“, a guaranteed weight loss plan to lose 4 pounds in just 7 days!

Denise Kelly at our inaugural Women's Entrepreneurship Conference (WEC18)
Denise Kelly at our inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference (WEC18)

Life is for Thriving, Not Just Surviving

Denise Kelly's new book
Denise Kelly’s new book

If Denise subscribed to the idea that it’s never too late to start means simply to create a business, have it be profitable, and then cap your success off there, then she would not pursue all these efforts that truly are changing the lives of women globally. But how can she expand successfully into a new market? Thankfully, like most business women, Denise is graced with ambition and intelligence. By using her base of previous clientele and relationships, she’s venturing into the US with the connections she needs to succeed. Further, she already has lined up media appearances and is working alongside her publicist company to get the most brand awareness she can garner before and after the launch of her book.

So, if you’re considering or are already in the process of expanding your business’ footprint, what is the most important takeaway from Denise’s expansion plans to the US? One, is that you’re not alone. Even if you’re exploring a totally untapped market, odds are you have friends, clients, or other connections who already have a foot in the door of the market you desire. Heck, some of them may even own the door! Not to mention that business women have a thriving network of other, like-minded women from whom they can draw inspiration and support. Don’t know where to find them? Then attend our inaugural Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference!

Two, while Denise’s meal plans would probably not advise to overeat, your appetite for success should never wane. Think of all the people who would never even hear about Denise’s life-changing company had she just stayed in her geographic boundaries.

Of course, none of her ambition would even exist if not for her dedication to the principles of THRIVING not SURVIVING and the It’s Never Too Late to Start methodology. We are sure Denise would agree that your business cannot grow without you personally growing. For more advice on improving your mind, body, and business, be sure to check out both Denise’s blog, as well as our other articles!